How to Get Rid of Possums?

Most of the people use to have pets in their home because these creatures too need love and care that a human being wants. And even some of the prosperous families consider their pets as kids and provide them every materialistic thing as well as in return pets also show kindness and affection towards their owners. However, there are some weeds and species which might prove harmful or we can say that they actually bother, normally people do not keep them as pets. 

Possums are one of the unique things which are considered as a pest, a cat sized animal which resembles an overgrown rat. Possums never let people live in a peaceful environment, they disturb gardens, damage the household things, disrupt outdoor garbage even fight with pets. 

They are also known as the carriers of so many diseases and fleas and ticks. Generally, they make their own home underneath buildings so that individuals will not be able to find and to get relief from them. There are some commonly available things that we need to remove the pests like flour, any raccoon trap, chicken wire for fencing, mesh hardware cloth, overripe bread with jam or with any eatable so that its fragrance can attract the insect.

What to Do to Remove Possums?

Habitat control is necessary to get rid of these rats and for that we need to eliminate anything a possum can find alluring from the courtyard. 

  • Some initials should be taken to stay away from possums such as overgrown shrubbery should be cut down to avoid possums so that they cannot make their home in the yard. 
  • Moreover, tree limbs that overhang the roof should be cut back so they are at least 5 feet away from the roof which can prevent possums from roosting in the upper floor. 
  • Any fallen fruits should also be removed from the ground at regular intervals, which cannot attract the mice. 
  • The lids of outdoor garbage bins should be tightly closed so that any possum cannot upset it and spread the trash here and there. 
  • Apart from this, one can pile the wood tightly to prevent the possums making home in gaps. 
  • Not only this, but we must keep other household items orderly and at least 3 feet off the ground so that any pest cannot climb out there.
  • Constructing a fence from chicken wire around any garden area helps to get rid of these thick rats. But make sure a fence should be at least 8 feet high without support as it will be impossible for a possum to go up and with that they cannot even mount on a tree. 
  • Besides, we do not let them build a home underneath any building by blocking it with mesh hardware cloth. If there is already any place then by sprinkling a smooth layer of flour at entrance we can easily purge them.
Get Rid of Possums

Alternatives to Above Methods For Possum Control

  • Setting a trap is also a fine option if possums create a problem whereas it is illegal to displace these without permit so after catching we must contact the local animal control centre and give them the animal that has been trapped. However, in some areas it is legal to kill but first we need to check the guidelines of the local wildlife department and follow their protocols or restrictions. 
  • Sometimes when a possum feels helpless it scratches or bites the trap and when it appears aggressive it is best to back away. It is also not legally allowed to use poison for fast pest eradication.
  • Scaring possums is also not a bad choice in order to keep them away. For that we can hang the fur of dogs and cats in the areas where possums are frequent. By collecting the hairs of the pet dog or cat after brushing we just need to place them in mesh bags and hang this bag around where they are gathered, the smell of these kinds of things is enough for them. One can also spatter something like ammonia, garlic and crushed garlic is much better in any case.
  • Possums are more likely to get attracted by food. So we should remove access to food and should not provide them food intentionally as they will become habitual of its smell and soon start appearing to your place on a daily basis. Apart from this, if you want to give the meal to your dog or to any other pet then serve them indoors not outdoors so that pests can not be aware of all that. And if it is not possible and you want to serve them outdoors, in that case serve by late morning or mid of afternoon when possums are not active. That is why pet food should be removed from the outside before the nightfall.

Following the above methods, you can easily get rid of the possums. However, if you are facing any problem to get rid of them then you can refer to our professional pest control in Alexandria.